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  • The thing I miss from London is the annual Travelcard. It always felt painful to buy in January but once you had it, you could go anywhere on bus, train and tube - and get discounts for going further afield.
  • I have a soft spot for Elizabeth (1998) with Cate Blanchett in the lead role. Also the sequel - when I saw that in Leicester Square the Odeon also trotted out the old organ for a spin. The Draughtsman's Contract springs to mind as well.
  • Filing started on a new series of Father Brown recently and a spin-off, The Sister Boniface Mysteries is in the works.
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/uploads/573/5B079ZCK11SM.jpg Call me biased, but ...
  • Sky One has a new show, Bloods, centered round an ambulance crew. Samson Kayo and Jane Horrocks lead. Lucy Punch gets a nice turn pining for a depressive Julian Barrett, and Aasiya Shah is positively psychotic. How do I explain Darrell and Daryl?
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/comment/610#Comment_610 Hay-on-Wye (or Y Gelli Gandryl) is known for having 20-odd bookshops. They also host that festival of course. I thought Bake Off was on Netflix, with current shows streaming a few days…
  • The daffs are out in Wales. https://forum.anglotopia.net/uploads/149/MNSLYZSC7B0C.jpg
    in Roses Comment by Simon March 27
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/63/isaacamy Rob Brydon.
    in isaacamy Comment by Simon March 14
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/comment/566#Comment_566 Edge of Heaven? Only six episodes were made.
  • The big sports news here is Ryan Reynolds buying Wrexham FC. Wouldn't say I watch sports as such, but it's part of the fabric of things so hard to miss. In days of yore I frequented a pub called The Freemasons which was where the FA held their ina…
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/comment/542#Comment_542 One character briefly took flight again last year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhTBp1DRfx4&feature=emb_logo
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/comment/528#Comment_528 Have tried Marmite Peanut Butter yet. It is very addictive.
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/comment/508#Comment_508 I'm hoping it lives up to my memory. It's the omnibus version, so I'm not sure if they have cut anything. If BritBox, Amazon or Netflix don't add it to the mix it will be a disgrace.
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/comment/431#Comment_431 There's a Wales based Wainwright book, which I need to track down if only to point to some of the illustrations and say "I used to live there."
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/56/box-of-delights-anyone Absolutely. I've got the DVD which should get another outing shortly. Might even re-read the book. I think they did it on Jackanory as well back in the day?
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/comment/499#Comment_499 Danny Dyer, i presume? 😁
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/comment/494#Comment_494 If you are in Covent Garden, walk round to the Rock and Sole Plaice (geddit) in Endell Street for some decent fish and chips. Or the otherside of Tottenham Court Road, a restaurant call…
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/comment/495#Comment_495 It's only being so cheerful that keeps her going 😀 My mum used to do a Mrs Mopp impersonation, while my Dad did Funf. Educating Archie was incredibly popular. Particularly when you con…
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/comment/491#Comment_491 It has been a nightly event for ITV. Haven't watched anymore myself but it is dominating the pages of the Daily Post. Ruthie Henshall revealed some personal details about her relationsh…
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/comment/485#Comment_485 I think the third series is being written at the moment.
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/comment/479#Comment_479 I have a strange relationship with ITMA. It obviously amused my parents and grandparents long after it was off the air, and in my teens I bought a script book, laced with annecdotes by …
  • The new series of I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here began on ITV last night. Normally I would avoid it like the plague, but they have swapped the Australian jungle for Gwrych Castle in Conwy, which is kind of local of me. They actually stated …
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/comment/458#Comment_458 https://twitter.com/BBCArchive/status/1323180293835010048 The first Hancock's Half Hour is currently available. Worth tracking down The Blood Donor and The Radio Ham.
  • Hugh Laurie is currently rather excellent in politico-drama Roadkill by David (Kissing Hitler) Hare. Last week's episode seemed to take the title literally. This week it clashes with the final season of Un Bore Mercher. Somebody from Faith's past re…
  • My show of the moment is The Mind of JG Reeder. It's an ITV show from the late Sixties-early Seventies, based on stories by Edgar Wallace. Hugh Burden plays the mild mannered employee at the Department of Public Prosecutions. https://forum.anglotop…
  • Bryson was on Inside Science this afternoon talking about the human body. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b036f7w2 I think a reading of his book will turn up at some point.
  • Not sure how far these have travelled, but I have a soft spot for a couple of regional comedies, both mockumentaries. The best thing to come out of Brexit is undoubtedly Soft Border Patrol. Careful with that chorizo now! https://twitter.com/BBCnire…
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/comment/341#Comment_341 Rossiter was on a roll back then.
  • That's rather sad to hear. My favourite Bryson is probably Notes From A Small Island, which was recommended to me while I was in the USA. I do like Mother Tongue though.
  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/comment/440#Comment_440 Haven't seen Bulletproof, but with Sky shows in mind Maisie Williams is hilarious in Two Weeks To Live. There is an ongoing debate about the better Rebus - Stott or Hannah. While I enjo…