USD / British Sterling Exchange Rate

I have loved my journeys to the British Isles the past 7 years, usually getting over there from the US 2-3-4 times each year. One of the things tha thas really helped is the favorable exchange rate, I believe my first trip over in 2014 it was about 1.65, then continued to drop each year until the pandemic hit. With Brexit, I believe it got down as low as 1.19 a year ago, and has since steadily climbed to 1.40. That's a fairly hefty increase, and with all the free dollars being created by the US Treasury, I'm concerned that the dollar will continue to sink in value. Are there any tips or suggestions any of you have in regards to currency swings? I invested in British pounds a year ago, which I assumed would offset some of the increase. But as the Pound continues to creep up and up, I'm afraid the next time I'm able to get over there, everything will seem so much more expensive and it sort of puts me into a panic. I hate to see the dollar continue to sink, which helps the British come over to travel to the US, but not vice versa!

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