The Dig and Fishermen's Friends

Two great new movies on Netflix. I highly recommend both. They're helping me get through my depression of not being able to travel to England at the moment.


  • I really enjoyed "The Dig." I of course knew about Sutton Hoo, in a vague sort of way, having seen the treasure at the British Museum, and I'd read the odd thing here and there, since one of my interests is medieval studies. But watching the story of how it all came to light was lovely. I haven't watched "Fisherman's Friends" yet, but it's on my to-watch list.

  • Yes, both fantastic films! I've bought the book that The Dig is based on. I also bought the official Sutton Hoo book from the British Museum, but I have no idea when that will get here.

    Sea Shanties are 'hot' right now so I'm well chuffed that I like them before they were cool!

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    I was in Cornwall 2 summers ago and we missed seeing the REAL Fishermen's Friends perform by one night! We did find a great seaside pub with sea shanty sing-a-longs and had a great time!

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