British people of Anglotopia, what do you make of the whole anglophile thing ?

I know that there are some people who read Anglotopia that are actually British, and I was wondering what you thought of people like me being obsessed with British culture. As I understand it, some British people find it annoying or creepy. I was just wondering what your thoughts were.


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    Speaking purely for myself, I have no problem with anybody having an interest - to whatever level - in British culture. Although perhaps culture is not the correct word, ‘history’ may be more appropriate. ‘British culture’, especially in more recent times it might be argued, is a grab bag of multi-National influences which has been coloured by those who have come here both from the countries of the former Empire and more recently still, from Europe - this is also apparent in the shifting vocabulary of the language spoken here - the ‘two countries divided by a common language’ thing has never been more appropriate in my view.

    I think perhaps what those from the USA think of as our ‘culture’ is more rooted in times gone by, echoes of a country that ruled a sizeable chunk of the world at one point. We still struggle with the aftermath of Empire I believe and will for generations - my even writing this is indicative of a desire to establish that we are still relevant in the world, given that much of our global influence has waned, and to try and see how others see us in more modern times.

    But Anglophiles are welcome to try and find that part of the U.K. they seek, even if it might barely exist in the here and now!

  • I have found that most British people don't find it creepy, just curious. Some are chuffed that others like their country so much. Some would prefer American Anglophiles like/travel to places more than just London (and every Brit thinks their corner of Britain is better than everywhere else).

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