England at the Euro 2020s

I thought I would start an open thread about England playing in the Euro 2020 tournament. Their first match went well, and England won 1-0. A good start for them.

Their next match is against Scotland on June 18th, which should be FUN as the two rivals go at it - and many of the players on both teams play together in the Premier League.

Scotland and Wales are also competing in the tournament this time around. Scotland lost their first game. Wale drew their first game and won their second against Turkey.

Do you think England will 'bring it home' or will one of the other home nation teams do it instead?


  • Fingers crossed, it'll come home with England, but I'd be super proud if any home nation came back with the gold (and that's coming from a rugby fan, no less!!)

  • I’d love England to ‘bring it home’ but my head says there are two or three teams in this who are more likely to. World champions France look very comfortable in the main, Belgium have great players playing well in a really good side and Italy - an Italy who defend but also get on the front foot, who knew? - look scarily good.

    England have nemesis Germany to get past at Wembley next Tuesday and anybody who doesn’t bet on us going out on penalties after a goal-less draw and extra time is ill advised. Still, it’s nice to keep old traditions alive isn’t it? “Three Lions on a shirt…..”

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