Transplanting a sliver of Britain

Following on from my post a few days back about homesickness, I'm curious again; if you could transplant any ONE element of Britain or Britishness to where you are right now, from weather to architecture, landscape, accents, food, or anything else, what would it be and why?

My choice? Naturally, the great British village pub. Not necessarily for the pints and crisps, but for the sense of belonging and peace that comes from sitting in an armchair by a fireplace in a proper country inn on a chilly afternoon.

Go on, what's yours?


  • For me it would probably be the public rights away. We have paths and trails here in the USA, but not to the scale and availability that they do in Britain. When you live in an old village there are countless paths to explore to take you into the countryside. Around my house in Indiana, there are just farm fields, and you cannot wander on them!

    That or having a local ancient ruin. I do quite like a good ruin.

  • The thing I miss from London is the annual Travelcard. It always felt painful to buy in January but once you had it, you could go anywhere on bus, train and tube - and get discounts for going further afield.

  • That's a really good choice, and you're right - even some of the smallest villages have more twists and turns than a bowl of noodles!

  • So true, it's great to be able to get around so easily!

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