Ideal Place

Curiosity got the better of me here, so I thought I'd throw this one out there.

If money (and everything else) was no object, where abouts in the UK would you choose to live and why? For that matter, what sort of place would you choose? A flat in central London? A smart terrace in Bristol? A windmill in Fens? For me, it would have to be a small cottage in the north Cotswolds (Gloucestershire part), where there's gorgeous landscape, fantastic little villages and some of the friendliest people in the coziest pubs you'd ever meet. 😀


  • I would choose a small village in Dorset with expansive views of the countryside, plenty of birdsong, lovely garden, a local pub maybe even a bookshop. It would be an old cottage, at least 200 years, and it would be decorated as you would expect an English cottage to be decorated!

  • That sounds absolutely lush!! Dorset is a beautiful part of the world

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