Does anyone watch British sports?

I love rugby union, and I also watch rugby league and soccer. Any other fans? My favorite teams are respectively Bath Rugby, Warrington Wolves and Arsenal FC.


  • The big sports news here is Ryan Reynolds buying Wrexham FC.

    Wouldn't say I watch sports as such, but it's part of the fabric of things so hard to miss.

    In days of yore I frequented a pub called The Freemasons which was where the FA held their inaugural meeting.

  • I never miss Wimbledon.

  • I love Arsenal Football Club whom I have seen play 11 times in London. I have also seen 3 Bristol City FC matches and been to see Spurs twice. The English Premier League is the most watched league in the world and is developing a large following in the US. I am a member of our local Cleveland, Ohio Arsenal Supporters Club the Cleveland Gooners who meet in the Merry Arts Pub when it is not Covid.

  • Absolutely! I'm a big Gloucester Rugby fan, and currently listening to the Gloucestershire Vs Hampshire cricket commentary on BBC. Can't admit to being much for football, but it always brings a smile to my face when local teams win!

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