Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer, ‘Gone Fishing’

I doubt this has got to the US yet but if it does it’s a must watch, you wouldn’t think a program about two older guys travelling around the U.K. fishing in rivers and lakes could be so good, but the chemistry between the two presenters, the pathos and natural funniness just makes it.

really recommended


  • I'm afraid it hasn't! No way to watch it here.

  • edited January 21

    This is one of our favourite programmes and certainly a lockdown saviour for us. I never thought anyone could make fishing interesting for me, but they managed it. They visit some wonderful countryside and rivers all over the UK and stay in some amazing places - where Bob cooks Paul some delicious healthy meals. It's such a relaxing watch, and reminds us how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful country. And away..... ;-)

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