Box of Delights, anyone?

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The theme music heralds the beginning of the holiday season in my family. Anyone else a fan of this cult classic series?


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    Absolutely. I've got the DVD which should get another outing shortly. Might even re-read the book. I think they did it on Jackanory as well back in the day?

  • Most definitely yes!

    When I was 10 in 1984 the BBC did an adaptation in the run up to Christmas. A weekly episode was shown culminating in the finale on Christmas Eve. It is something I have never forgotten, it got me into the books and every year without fail I read “The Midnight Folk” the prequel in October, “The Box of Delights” in November and then indulge in the DVD in December.

    It is mine and my Sons tradition, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it. Magical.

    The house used for Seekings was up for sale a couple of years ago, I was tempted to go and have a gander as it is only an hour down the road from me, I didn’t make it but I bet it was snapped up quickly. Mind you it had a hefty price tag but worth every penny :)


  • Such a magical programme from my childhood too. I also have the DVD which gets an outing around this time of year to give me a real burst of nostalgia!

  • Debating if I should upgrade ITVX for a rewatch?

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