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Am wondering if anyone has had any experience with services like Shippn -- or if anyone has tips on how to get specific food items shipped from the UK to the US.

Specifically, talking about items from M&S Food, Tesco, Sanisbury's and such. I have done exhaustive searches for storefronts online based in the US and haven't found a way to receive shipments of food and drink from the UK.

I acknowledge it will be expensive -- if it's even possible -- using a service like Shippn or some other.

Any suggestions, reviews or anything?


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    I've found the most reliable way to secure British imports is to take an empty suitcase across the Atlantic and bring it back filled with my obsessions. That's only an every-other-year endeavor, though, and with COVID now, is not even that. I missed my pilgrimage in 2020 thanks to coronavirus. I would love to find a reliable source for British favs but I've just not been able to. Amazon provides some popular basics but not nearly satisfying enough. It's prompted me to cook more and I'm working my way toward a reliable pudding, a crafty hand-pie and a tasty rum rickey. If you can't buy it, learn to make it, right?

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    Highly recommend British Corner Shop, we use them all the time and they have most British food staples (disclosure, we get a commission if you buy through our link):

    Also, we've been using Forward2me for about a year now. It gives you a UK address, then you can forward it on to the USA, so it's a great way to work with UK retailers who won't ship to the USA. Fresh food is a problem with imports, but anything sealed should be fine.

  • I can give information about shipping containers, you can check site via this link

    he also provide some uni like and

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