Where do you want to go first in Britain when Covid-19 is over?

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Let's start a new thread. Where's the first place/thing you would like to see or do as soon as the pandemic is over and it's safe to travel again?

For anyone who has followed Anglotopia for a while, the answer for me should be obvious.

In fact, I have a stay booked here for February as long as the vaccine is out by then and the quarantine requirements are done.


  • As soon as there is a vaccine in wide distribution I will return to the canals for our 12th narrowboat holiday. I am utterly in pain about having to cancel this fall. But for this hateful virus we would have been departing for England next Monday.

  • Derbyshire... to see my family there... first year ever I haven't been to Britain... 🙁

  • We're keeping everything crossed for you & can't wait to see you!

  • once this virus is contained, I want to return back to Manchester. Hopefully, see some friends and listen to their bands. Then I would take a day trip to Liverpool and finish discovering all the wonderful sights there.

  • London - my home and my heart. Was supposed to be there to meet up with my bestie from Spain in May. Oh well, hopefully next year.

  • Lundy Island. I should have had a week there this summer but decided to give it a body swerve although it was theoretically possible in late July. Next year I will have my pint of ‘Old Light’ in the Marisco Tavern!

  • Well, first return with my church choir to sing our scheduled weeks at Ely and Exeter Cathedrals that we’re cancelled this year. Then return to North Ronaldsay, and Kirkwall, Orkney Scotland

  • Greater Manchester because I haven't visited my in-laws in three years.

    My family was meant to be there this November but due to Covid-19 and my family losing our customer-facing/focused business (photography), we won't be doing that for a while yet.

  • Family in Surrey!

  • To visit my friends in Hampshire. Actually, I was on a Zoom call with one of them yesterday. That was nice, but not as good as being there.

  • London!!!! I also want to visit Scotland, Cornwall and Hadrian's Wall. So many places to visit!

  • It's hard to decide. I think Oxford.

  • I just want to spend an entire summer in England... there are so many places I want to visit. Maybe a week in Ireland and a week in Scotland. A wander through Wales... but mostly I want to spend time roaming the countryside in England.

  • Yes, an entire summer!

    And autumn.

    And winter.

    And spring.

    Oh wait...

  • My Scottish blood yearns for a return to the Isle of Skye.

  • SW England and the Channel Islands.

  • Holmfirth.

  • I,d travel around Scotland for about 6 weeks, to the Orkneys, Hebrides, Shetlands. To Manchester to see my sister in law, my friends in Saltburn and Preston, and the Isle of Wight just to see it again.

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