Favorite areas of Wales

What are some of your favorite areas and experiences in Wales?


  • I've only had the chance to go to Wales once - loved it. We visited Tintern Abbey and then visited Cardiff for the day (this was in 2013, to visit the Doctor Who thing that is no longer there).

    Would absolutely love to go back.

    Has anyone else been to wales? What are your favorite places?

  • Of course, Cardiff is Hwntw territory and not really Wales😉 He says from the wild and woolly North.

  • I spent a week in North Wales in 2016 with friends. We had a holiday let in Borth-y-Gest, outside of Porthmadog, where the Ffestiniog steam train runs from. It rained pretty much the entire time, but I didn't mind, because even the rain was gorgeous! We visited Caernarfon, spent a day exploring Portmeirion, walked on the beach at the nature sanctuary. I'd love to go back.

  • I definitely second Tintern Abbey as a marvelous place to visit--the ruins are glorious, and the landscape still evokes the atmosphere that Wordsworth noted more than two hundred years ago. Last time we were in Wales, we went out to St. David's, where the wonky little cathedral charmed me tremendously. So many architectural ghosts still visible from centuries of remodeling! My husband and I vowed to return to walk the nearby Pembrokeshire Coast Path, which was stunning. Caerphilly Castle is something of a marvel, with that one cracked tower seemingly suspended in mid air as though it will finish toppling at any moment. And while we went to Portmeirion because I am a huge Patrick McGoohan fan, it was a bonus to discover that Noel Coward was staying there when he penned Blithe Spirit, possibly my favorite of his plays. Wales swept us off our feet in unexpected ways.

  • I did a week-long horse riding holiday in South Wales and it was a great riding experience in the beautiful border countryside. But the best part was the wonderful people I met-especially the ones who helped when some crazy driver ran me off the road, one tire on my rental car blew out, the key broke off in the boot lock, I couldn’t drive the ten miles from my hotel to the horse farm, and I ended up staying two nights in the bedroom of my hotel owner’s son because the travel agency messed up my departure date and there were no rooms available! Another vacation adventure to tell to my grandchildren!

  • I have been to Wales 19 times since 1992; and am hoping to be able to get back once this pandemic is over. I love it there, and have been almost everywhere in the country at least once. I also own a travel company called Undiscovered Britain and I send many people to Wales, as well as England; Scotland; and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. I am missing being there very much ! If interested in seeing some great photos of Wales, along with other parts of Britain; either visit my Facebook page (undiscovered Britain & Ireland ) or my website: www.undiscoveredbritain.com. I hope you enjoy them !

  • I've got a huge soft spot for Cymru (part Welsh, after all). I lived there for about four years, and I've got a lot of affection for the west coast with its rugged yet beautiful beaches, the hills, and of course Cardiff and the valleys! It's a gorgeous part of the world, with a rich history, great rugby, great people, and a wonderfully lyrical language too

  • I couldn't tell you where my favorite place is--somewhere in the countryside. I was on a bus that was taking school kids home, via the beautiful, perfect pastoral landscape, green and sunny, with a farm cottage in view, plus lots of pheasants blocking the roadway. By the way, my immigrant ancestor Edward Lloyd is responsible for naming the Maryland rivers Severn and Wye, so we figure he must have come from that area. We know nothing else about his roots in Wales.

  • Call me biased, but ...

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