Thatched Cottages

I simply love a good thatched cottage. They really are the epitome of the British landscape. I thought I'd share a few images of my favorites that I've come across over the years. Please share your favorites in this thread!














  • You would think, given my love of thatched cottages and the number of holidays I've spent in the UK, that I'd have tons of photos of thatched cottages, but I don't believe I have a single, solitary one! I shall have to rectify that on my next trip. :smile:

  • These are some of my favorite cottages in and around Chipping Campden.

  • Sorry I don’t have a photo but my cousin once took me to visit his friend who lived in a thatched cottage in Hampshire.

  • Slight claim to fame, but in days of yore I got to thatch a roof. Under supervision from somebody who had some experience in such things. It was for a pig sty in London. Slightly unusual location all things considered.

    There's a light thatch on this cafe/bakery in Aberdaron on the Llyn Peninsula. Despite the look it is a 21st century construction and unusual in that most buildings in the area have slate roofing, reflecting local industry.

  • I lived in England for 3 years as a kid. Here's the house we lived in for 2 of those years. It's located outside Braintree. Great memories!

  • On the last trip, my friend especially wanted to go through the Cotswolds to see thatched cottages. We saw a total of 0! Not a single one! 😀 Obviously we were in the wrong area! 😄

  • When I was stationed in East Anglia, one of my American co-workers rented a thatched cottage. Much of the inside had been modernized but some of its 18th century character remained. The only problem? Her husband was 6’4 and couldn’t stand up in their living room! I wish now I had pictures of the house and her hubby ducking his head to avoid a possible concussion.

  • Oh no! I'm from there, and I know there's one on the Rissington Road going into Bourton on the Water! To be fair, there aren't many that I recall though

  • The only thing wrong with any of these pictures is that I'm sure I can see a 'for sale' sign in one of the gardens....why would you move if you lived there?!?!?!?! 😊

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