Are you traveling to Britain in 2023?

Are you going to Britain this year? Please share your plans with the Anglotopia forum. Where are you planning to go? Will you be going during the Coronation?


  • Yes. First time since 2019. Will be there for 3 weeks, traveling to Hove, Winchester, brief stop in Bath, Ludlow, then London. All places I've been before, but I have missed them!

  • That sounds like a wonderful itinerary! You'll have a great time!

  • I'm going in April! Unfortunately will miss the coronation but I'm really looking forward to the trip. It's shorter than I'd like (only 4 days in London, we're also going to be in Iceland for a day and a half and then Paris for five days). My husband and I haven't been back since our honeymoon in 2012, and this time we're bringing our son and my brother and his family. We haven't booked anything in London yet other than our lodging, probably getting Tower of London tickets soon. I think the main thing I'm interested in seeing is the London Transport Museum, I've heard good things and I've never managed to make it there on any other trips.

    We don't leave until the end of next month, get in on a Friday night to London, but I've already planned out my morning on Saturday, getting up early, going to Costa Coffee (I even already know what I want to order, LOL) and then pick up some groceries at M&S across the street from where we're staying. I simply cannot wait!!!

  • That sounds like a wonderful trip!

    I cannot recommend the London Transport Museum more highly. It's probably my favorite museum in London and they have the BEST gift shop.

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