British Christmas Traditions?

What's your favorite British Christmas tradition?

I think my favorite is Christmas Crackers, which have started to become more popular here in the USA - you can at least easily find them these days. I love the crack when you open them, the really terrible jokes, and the tiny trinket (some which end up being useful!).

What's yours?


  • I've always assumed Christmas crackers were a 'thing' all countries did - I had no idea their popularity was so limited! These days you can buy really expensive ones with luxury gifts inside, but I personally think that the naffness of the cheap ones where the jokes are really awful, the toy is a flimsy piece of plastic and the hat tears the moment you put it on your head all adds to the enjoyment! 🙂

  • Yes, you used to never be able to find them in the USA, but they're pretty easy to find these days.

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