What's Your Favorite Place in London?

We're all missing London right now and I can't wait to go back. What's the first place you want to go when London re-opens.

For me, it's this:



  • How can I choose one favourite place in London? I think Primrose Hill would be a top favourite of mine. The overlook of the city, the sense of calmness it gives me. It's just stunning and beautiful! Though it feels like every time I go back and visit I find a new favourite place to spend my time!

  • I love the Underground. Getting into London from Heathrow on the train is a great way to start a trip!

  • Actually haven't been there - really need to make a point to do so!

  • I second this! I LOVE the Tube. It's such a magical thing. It can take you anywhere in London. So much freedom!

  • When I travel I often find that the most memorable moments are the small unplanned experiences. Last May, after 10 days of visiting the usual sites in London, I had an unscheduled afternoon to explore the Piccadilly area on my own. On the way to the Fortnum and Mason store I discovered Hatchards, a bookstore that has been in business since the late 18th century. Stepping through the open door and onto the creaky floorboards was like stepping into the past, not just because of the old building, but because of the sense that here the written word was king. While the store was well stocked with contemporary titles, I had the sense that I could probably find most of England's important authors here and many more besides. Toward the rear of the store the loaded shelves gave way to an open area reserved for authors' appearances and signings, a frequent occurrence according to the posted schedule. One floor down was an impressive collection of first editions for sale, all out of my price range but a treat to see anyway. Unlike many bookstores that place comfortable easy chairs among the stacks, Hatchards was all business, not giving up any inventory space for comfort. I did manage to decide on two books that would fit into my carryon luggage for the trip home the next day, and capped off my literary discovery with a tin of biscuits from F&M.

  • Yes! Love Hatchards, my favorite bookstore in London. I always end up with a stack of books that they will have to ship home for me.

  • My favorite place to eat is Sketch. My favorite pub is Ye Grapes in Mayfair. My favorite view is from the deck at Sushi Samba in The City. My favorite day out is in Camden Town. My favorite museum is the Design Museum. My favorite park is Kensington Gardens. My favorite street market is Borough on a Sunday. My favorite music venue is the Hammersmith Odeon (sorry, I cannot bring myself to call it Eventim Apollo).

  • I don’t think I have a favourite place in London. If I had to choose, it’s always exciting pulling into St Pancras Station if I’m coming by train from Sheffield. That is probably my favourite London building.

    I love how easy and efficient the underground is but as a gardener, horticulturist and major tree hugger, I just love wandering around the city’s parks and gardens and admiring the impressive street trees, especially the London Plane trees!🌳❤️

  • Well, based on the number of times I've been there, I'd have to say the British Museum is my favourite place in London. I tend not to spend much time in London when I'm in the UK, though. A couple of day trips up from Hampshire, and I always end my trips there, just because it's easier to stay overnight in the city before I fly home than having to travel up from Hampshire. I'm hoping to take my niece in a couple of years, though, and I have an inkling that I'll be spending more than a couple of days there! 😉

  • Walking the Southbank from waterloo to tower bridge

  • I grew up in the Church Street market about 15 minute walk to Marble Arch in one direction and Regents Park 15 minutes in the other. I would say Regents Park and Little Venice are my favorite places. I also love browsing in Selfridges.

  • I love the National Portrait Gallery, and the pubs, especially the Cheshire Cheese and love The Citye of London pub in Holborn. We never go to London without taking in the Portrait Gallery (great views from the bar/restaurant at top, which is open on Thursday and Friday nights) and The Cheshire Cheese is another must, but it's getting pretty overrun with tourists.

  • Mr. Fogg's Tavern on a Thursday night when Tom Carradine is doing his Cockney Sing-Along show.

  • I love walking the Southbank.

  • So many great places and I'm afraid to say its been almost 20 years since I was last there. But when I lived there in the 80s I enjoyed going to Hampstead Heath, the Temple off Fleet St, bookshops on Charing Cross rd (I don't think there are many left now? ) Camden Town and market, British Museum, Portobello Rd.

  • That's a tough one but I would have to say Trafalgar Square. I always feel at home walking through. Also have to mention The Hereford Arms, my favorite pub.

  • My favorite place in London is any pub. I have visited London 35 times since 1975. I have met so many nice people in the pubs and some have been long standing friends. People are willing to talk and going to a pub is better that a visitor's centre. No beer in the visitor's centre. The architecture of many pubs are in themselves museums. The lovely wood work and thinking of the craftsmen who constructed them. Pubs are one of the greatest treasures of England but yet so many are destroyed every year. Yes, I am a member of CAMRA. Cheers to all.

  • Hi Everyone

    Am I allowed in here ? I am London born and bred with a little American granddaughter who I am looking forward to showing the wonders of London. I was London Metropolitan Police Officer for 30 years so I know the city very well. What are my favourite parts of London ?

    1) Bloomsbury , the home of the British Museum, the Bloomsbury Set , University College London and wonderful little squares and bookshops

    2) Primrose Hill and the Hampstead area, when I was a motorcycle officer on the early shift , I used to ride my motorcycle to the top of Primrose Hill and at 6am watch the sun rise over London and hear the animals waking up in Regents Park Zoo -magical !

  • @tonyjay You are absolutely welcome here!

  • Thank you Jonathan , I forgot to post this photo of some recent street art in Bloomsbury. I think that this is wonderful

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    Also one of my favorite things to do! With a stop at The Founders Arms for a Pimm's Cocktail.

  • Nearly impossible to choose a single favorite place in London. There are so many to choose from. I suppose Hyde Park and Kensington Park, Regent's Park, Hampstead Heath, Chalcot Square (Sylvia Plath fan here), Tower Bridge, St. Paul's... okay, okay. if I must choose one I'm going to say Westminster Abbey.

  • Definitely Camden Town. I'm biased because I use to live there. 😊

  • I have a soft spot for Greenwich but used to gravitate towards the South Bank for weekend walks.

  • How about my favourite London memory? My husband and I were standing on the Westminster Bridge looking down at the place near the Eye where our son was doing a photo shoot for his work. From our lofty position, Grant looked as tiny as an ant, and on a whim I hollered out (much to my husband's horror), "Grant!" Evidently, sound travels even amidst the din of traffic all around us. Several seconds later, Grant slowly turned and looked in our direction. I was elated, but Grant--not so much. When we connected later, he reproved me with: "Mom! All of London heard you!"

    So, in an effort to test his theory, did you hear me?

  • I stay in Bloomsbury area and love the fresh fish at North Sea fish....Viennese tea at the Delaunay...Victoria &Albert Museum....window shopping at Jermyn Street and Looking at designer vintage at Liberty! Hyde Park.

  • Took me a minute to find this spot to post. My favorite spot in London is The Westminster Abbey. One day was not enough. I have been on the outside but had arrived too late to go in the first visit (short one) to London. My next visit I will dedicate at least 2 whole days there.

  • Quick recommendation. If you are near Charing Cross, pop round the corner and take a look at Benjamin Franklin's house. It's a touch expensive but is a rare example of properties of that era. Some how it went untouched for decades.

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