Who's Your Top British History Hero?

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British history if filled with many wonderful and controversial figures. They've played a key role in Britain's rich history and culture. Who's your British History Hero?

Mine is Sir Winston Churchill followed by Horatio Nelson.


  • Elizabeth I: C'mon, she was a women in a man's world and made England a world power! I live in Virginia and it's named after the Virgin Queen. Her influence is still felt to this day.

  • Eleanor of Aquitaine is my spirit animal. 😉 I know, technically she was French, but so were the whole royal family at that point.

  • Elizabeth I definitely. Although I imagine she’d be pretty scary to meet in person. But also probably very witty, you’d hope. My wife’s favourite is Eleanor of Acquitane and we cycled forty miles to visit her tomb in Fontevreux Abbey, dicing with French tanks on military exercise. Interesting allegory there and no, bikes don’t cut it against tanks!

    I’ve also recently discovered Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians, who is really interesting and after viewing Michael Wood’s TV Series ‘In Search Of The Dark Ages’ many, many moons ago became an admirer of Athelstan, first king of all England. Visited his (possible) tomb at Malmesbury Abbey, although on that occasion no tanks were involved!

  • Winston Churchill and Edmund Burke.

  • Athelstan, the grandson of Alfred the Great, without them we would not have an English nation.

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