When Will Travel to the UK Restart?

When do you think travel will restart to the UK? When do you think it's safe to book a future trip.

Right now, you can't go at all. All visitors to the UK must go into a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival.

We think travel will resume this Autumn as the major tourist attractions begin to re-open, but travel will be much different at first - with social distancing, masks, etc.

We hope to go ourselves in Q1 2021.



  • We really HOPE that things start to reopen by autumn, as we have a trip booked for early December to visit as many Christmas markets and Christmas light displays as possible. We were also planning to get tickets to the UK (University of Kentucky) basketball game which was planned for December 6 in London, but which has now been postponed for two years!

    I had to cancel a trip in May with three girl friends. We were planning to visit as many tea rooms, stately homes and antique centres as possible in the Cotswolds for about a week and in Kent the last couple of days of our stay. We also had tickets for a premium tour of Highclere Castle. I've been to the UK multiple times, but two of the ladies were going for the first time and it was very disappointing to them.

    Most of our tickets and reservations have only been refunded as credit or vouchers, which hopefully we will be able to rebook in the future.

  • I'm afraid I'm not planning anything for a couple of years. By then, I hope there will be a viable vaccine, and both my niece (she's a Type 1 diabetic) and myself will be vaccinated against COVID-19. But I usually have a 2-3 year interval between trips, so that's nothing unusual. My most recent trip was last year. 😊 Here's a photo:

    That's me, in front of the Jane Austen's House Museum.

  • The benchmark infection rate is 20 cases per 100,000 per 7 days. More than that and a country is likely to get put on the quarantine list.

    Of course the UK is may well exceed that sooner or later - it's currently around 11 in England - in which case who knows what will happen.

  • Today was to be the day I took my eldest daughter for her first trip to the UK--in fact today was the rescheduled date from this past June. I typically travel to the UK once every year or year and half. Most recently was there June 2019 with my husband to celebrate our 35th anniversary. This post is bittersweet knowing Emily and I should have been enroute. We do hope viable treatments and/ or vaccine are available. Looking forward to 2021 (I hope!)

  • I would take my lumps and put up with the quarantine if it were 7 days; but 14 is just too long. So does anyone know, if I go there and agree to the quarantine, am I allowed to do nothing but shop for food? Surely walks in the country wouldn't be prohibited?

  • Yes, they would. You have to isolate until the 14 days is up. It's a mess.

  • I'd love to go now but not with a 14 day quarantine. That would really cost a fortune to pay for airfare, lodgings/food and then even longer lodgings/food for actually traveling, sight seeing, etc. Probably in 2021 or 2022. Sign...

  • @NickDavies: thanks, that's a helpful benchmark to know. It's not one that is widely reported, but I just calculated it (roughly) for the US and it stands around 90. Well above 20, yes, but not astronomically so.

  • We were supposed to take my daughter to London this summer for her high school graduation trip and her 18th birthday. We kept hoping the trip would happen, but now we're hoping the UK will let us in next year. Unfortunately, even if they would have let us travel London Connection dissolved their company so we didn't have a place to stay. Hopefully a vaccine will be readily available soon. I miss the smell of the tube as it comes whooshing by.

  • I usually spend Thanksgiving week in London - the advantage to not having much family is that I get to celebrate Friendsgiving with my UK pals. I'm doubtful I'd be able to make that trip this year but am not counting out a trip before the end of this year, if the quarantine situation changes. If not, I'm hoping for early 2021.

  • To be honest I wouldn’t book anything for 2021, even though we are rolling out the vaccine it’s really not going to start to take effect till mid year.

    We have now been hit with a highly virulent strain of COVID-19 which is causing a full lockdown and further restrictions in travel.

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