Bill Bryson Has Announced that he's retired - What's your favorite?

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Sad news today out of Britain - Bill Bryson has announced that he has retired from writing books.

The announcement was made today on Times Radio

But I suspect that he has a few more books in him, he's not THAT old. Here's hoping. But you've earned a break, mate. Your library of books, especially the ones about Britain, is perfect.

Which one of his books is your favorite? It's hard to pick!

But I have to stick with Notes from a Small Island (and the sequel).



  • Well, definitely Notes From a Small Island started my love of Bill Bryson, and I enjoyed the sequel, too. My favorite of his other books is At Home which I've read at least 3 times. I just love how he tells the history of simple objects we take for granted and where that trail leads. I love all of his books, and though I'm sad he might not write more, I think he deserves to retire and enjoy his grandkids and reading!

  • I was never really a fan of his non-travel books, however my favourite of all time was easily Neither Here nor There. I first read it at 16 and devoured all the others

  • That's rather sad to hear.

    My favourite Bryson is probably Notes From A Small Island, which was recommended to me while I was in the USA. I do like Mother Tongue though.

  • How sad. I love both his travel and non-travel books. He's such a talented writer.

  • Well, he says that’s how he feels to day. Perhaps once he’s out of lockdown and the pandemic has receded, he feel differently. And once he’s played with his grandchildren on the floor and realised that he’s possibly now of an age where the biggest difficulty with that is getting back up again, he’ll relent.

    Whatever he decides in the future I owe him a debt of thanks for all the pleasure, and sometimes knowledge, his books have given me over the years, and if he is done, I wish him a long and happy retirement. For now though I’m hoping that reports of Bill Bryson’s retirement prove similar to those of Mark Twain’s death!

  • I just love Notes From A Small Island and the sequel! I'm Polish, but I had an oppportunity to live and work in the UK, and I totally fell for this country...

  • Bryson was on Inside Science this afternoon talking about the human body.

    I think a reading of his book will turn up at some point.

  • I went to college in Iowa where Bryson is from and around the time Bryson wrote The Lost Continent. A friend got me to read it and it's always been my favorite. I still use it as a "staff recommends" book at my library.

  • In a Sunburned Country - I was reading in on an airplane and laughing so hard that people were wondering if I was having a seizure!! The first one I read, Neither Here Nor There too. I love them all. A Walk in The Woods. All of them. He makes me laugh. His use of language is such a lost art! I will definitely miss his writing, but don't blame him for wanting to sit back and relax!

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