Vicarious Travel in Britain

I know that a lot of you miss travelling in Britain, so why not do it virtually?

There are a couple of truckers that I follow, one is based in South Wales but travels throughout Britain - Trucker Jenko, and the other, Kevtee, is based in South England and travels to various small towns and villages.Trucker Jenko has recently been to North Scotland. Both drive through the pretty countryside and small towns/villages etc. Lose your fear of roundabouts! Lose your fear of very narrow country roads! Admire their skill as they reverse into tight spots! Admire the politeness of car/truck/bus drivers! Enjoy the thrill of them racing against time to get home before their EU-imposed driving time is up!

There is also an account of a more leisurely drive by some Americans from London to Cornwall up to Inverness and places in between. 5000 miles! In 1907!

It's available on Gutenberg : "British Highways and Byways from a Motor Car -Being a Record of a Five Thousand Mile Tour in England, Wales and Scotland"

or straight to the html page

(Copy and Paste into the address bar)

Follow the journey on Google Maps. Tick off the places that you've been to, compare with the images in the book.....


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