Weird British Interpretations of American Food

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I saw this on Facebook today and it made me laugh! How vile!

When browsing a Tesco on a previous trip, we once found hot dogs... in a can. IN A CAN. Canned Hot Dogs. A fellow American who lived there happened to hear us laugh about it and she confirmed that they would indeed be vile.

Have you ever come across any weird British interpretations of American food?


  • Asda is owned by Walmart - and you shop there at your own peril. Though as a general point, what's wrong with hot dogs in a can?

    Jars are available.

  • My coworker and I would laugh and laugh and laugh in the Coop in Oxford every time we ran across the tinned hot dogs. So gross!

    We also always laughed about the Mexican food chain Wahaca, though the food is actually quite good. Just the spelling!

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    Walmart have sold ASDA to a couple of Bradford* lads made good, so although Walmart are retaining a minority share, ASDA is back in British hands. So....prepare for canned Curried Hot Dogs? (Bradford does some of the best curries on the planet - folk in Birmingham would take issue I’m sure, but my research over the years in Bradford has been thorough!).

    The pizza does look gross, mind.

    Edit: *Turns out I was incorrect. They are from the other side of the Pennines, Blackburn to be precise.

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