Let's talk about British Food! What's your favorite?

A user requested a new category dedicated to all things British food - so here it is!

Let's get the ball rolling - what's your favorite British food?


  • I'm obsessed with the savory British pie and am determined to make them at home, but the water crust is a beast to wrangle. Any success stories or good recipes out there? My favorite place to eat them is The Pie Room in the Holborn Dining Room in Rosewood London.

  • Ever tried Yorkshire Pie and Peas ..?

    It's a bowl of mushy peas with a pork pie hidden underneath ... :)

    Here is a recipe :


  • My husband, who now lives in the US, totally misses his British favorites (pork pie, steak & kidney, crumpets, steak & ale, etc). I have tried making steak & kidney, but the ingredients here aren’t exactly right, so he keeps looking for somewhere he can buy them. Recently he discovered Parkers, an on-line British food maker in the US. He’s totally delighted! Loves the pork pies! That’s his favorite. Orders the rest from them as well and hasn’t been disappointed yet. The only thing of mine he likes best is sausage rolls (thank you Delia Smith) 😊

  • Parkers are great! So are the Pie Society out of Georgia!

  • I agree! We went on a road trip there last year. Drove down from PA, thoroughly enjoyed Savannah, then packed a cooler full of goodies to bring home 👍

  • Thanks for the recipe, Britbunny!

  • I don't think I can narrow it down to just one thing. I love fresh fish'n chips near the sea... Steak and ale pie. Mushy peas. The freshness and genuine "taste" of vegetables and fruits - often sourced locally. Strawberries in Ireland and England are so much better than here in the States. I love a good curry. I guess if I have to choose a favorite - and if it qualifies as food - my favorite is sticky toffee pudding. That says a lot about me, I know! But it's just so delicious! Oh, I can't forget scones. I don't think I've ever had a proper meal in Britain that wasn't delicious. On the few occasions when I've gone for a quick American meal (McDonalds or Five Guys) it's been so-so. Pizza Express has amazing salads and pizzas though!

  • Cornish pasties! I adore Cornish pasties. Yeah, I go to West Cornwall Pasties usually to get my fix, but on one gloriously memorable occasion, I had a Cornish pasty IN Cornwall--Tintagel, to be precise. I've made them at home, but even though I'm using an authentic recipe (or so it tells me), they never seem to taste quite as good.

    Also, there's really nothing like a good cream tea. Best one I've ever had was in a tea shop in the arcade at Bognor Regis: the scones were fresh out of the oven, came to the table piping hot. Oh, dear, I think I'm going to drool at the memory...


  • Steak and kidney pie and all the variants, also the many different desserts. in N America they seem to consist of cake and pie and ice cream. Thank goodness we can now get a decent cup of tea.

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