Anyone else feel lost without England?

I've always felt that the term anglophile wasn't strong enough to describe how I really feel about England. I love it so much, I feel at home there, and out of place everywhere else. I know that I was simply born in the wrong place. I was able to secure a visa, but only for 4 years before having to leave.

This separation from my home, and desire to be there, has impacted nearly everything in my life. But the biggest impact that I still struggle with is my own self identity and acceptance in a world that sees my "obsession" as strange.

I'm reaching out here to see if anyone else feels the same way, and maybe learn how you cope. Let me know if you feel the same.

- LostAtSea



  • Hi LostAtSea -

    I absolutely feel the same way. You're amongst kindred spirits here.

    I'm coming up on two years since I last set foot in Britain and I ache for it every day. I cannot return soon enough and with Covid - it will be even longer than I thought.

    It's a deep hurt, inside.

    We will all return, we just have to wait. All we have are pictures, videos and memories right now.

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