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Does anyone have experience with walking tours in the UK? The research I have done has turned up a variety of possibilities, including self-guided tours, inn-to-inn treks, and local walks around stately homes, but I haven't talked to anyone who has actually done this. Any advice or recommendations?


  • I haven't done walking tours specifically. But can recommend one of our advertisers - https://www.cotswoldwalks.com/ - Andrew has tons of experience and very knowledgable. He can guide you!

  • I have done a few organized walking tours in the UK with Country Walkers https://www.countrywalkers.com/destinations/europe/england/ which were very good, but also for years we would go the UK every year and spend a few weeks in a different county in a rental cottage, and buy local walking books (or get them before on Amazon) and take walks every day following the local footpaths. They have a lot of circular walks so you can park you car, do the walk and end up in the same place. Often there are lovely pubs along the way for a great lunch. The first walk we ever did from to go from the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth out into the moors to Top Withens, a ruined farm reputed to be what Emily Bronte used as the idea for Wuthering Heights - it was magical. Sometimes we'd get a little lost but often as we began our walks in a town or village, local dogs would come with us and if we were in doubt as to which way to go, we'd follow them! They always got us back. I now tend to have ore leisurely vacations, but I really do miss the fun and adventure of those walks.

  • For over 20 years I have enjoyed many lovely and memorable walking tours in the British countryside with HF Holidays. They have converted country houses and manors in the most scenic areas of the British isles and offer a wonderful array of walking and special interest holidays. There are so many options to choose from and walks for all levels of fitness. Most of the other walkers are British and I always have the feeling that I’ve arrived at a country house family gathering from my favorite British movies... without all the drama, of course! Wonderful company, delicious meals, and beautiful scenery. I haven’t been to all the houses yet, but so far, my favorites are St. Ives in Cornwall, Malhamdale in Yorkshire, and Glencoe in Scotland. They are very well organized and when we can travel again, easy to book online.

  • We used London Walks and they were phenomenal. Their prices have gone up since 2016, but I still think they are worth it. If you plan on dong more than one walk, they used to offer a card that would give you a discount on other walks. We did one to Salisbury and Stonehenge and our guide was able to buy all of our train tickets at a groups window so we didn't all have to stand in line. Make sure you take small bills with you if you are taking a train somewhere so she doesn't have to find change for you. We also took walks in London that included a tour of Piccadilly, haunted London and a tube tour.

  • We took one in 2018 thru Cotswold Walks (https://www.cotswoldwalks.com/scenic-cotswolds). It was LOVELY.

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    As a resident of the U.K. I’ve only ever once used a walking tour company to organise a walk for me. That was when we walked the Two Moors Way across Devon (the two moors in question are Exmoor and Dartmoor). One of the country’s lesser walked trails I think and I really didn’t feel confident in booking it myself, so after due consideration I consulted Encounter Walking Holidays, who were happy to cater to my whims. Basically I told them when, how many days we wanted to take, standard of accommodation, whether we wanted a main piece of luggage transported along the route on a daily basis and planned direction of travel (we decided for our own personal reasons to go north to south, rather against the grain, backwards if you like!). Encounter were more than helpful and came up with an itinerary for us to OK before booking and offered everything we could want (some things like maps and guides we already had so declined). They specialise in the trails of south west England and a couple in Wales and have lots of glowing references from satisfied customers from all round the globe. Check them out at: www.encounterwalkingholidays.com.

    Of course it is possible to book many of the UK’s walking trails by yourself. Most, and in particular The National Trails, have accommodation lists online and I have also found booking.com very helpful too in planning. My suggestion is the draw up your schedule and book the most remote/scarcest accommodation first and fill in with the more plentiful as you go along, rather than do it sequentially. I have booked trails ‘blind’ so to speak with little or no local knowledge and the vast majority of stays have been excellent. Of course there have been a couple of clunkers, usually when the situation is one of ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ but it all adds to life’s rich pageant!

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