What are you watching this weekend?

New topic time!

What British TV or movie are you watching this weekend?

I watched the new David Copperfield last night. I did not like it.



  • We are rewatching Endeavour in anticipation of the new season coming out later this summer. It’s always fun to rewatch an episode and realize how many details you have forgotten. What’s hard to believe is that there are almost as many episodes of Endeavour (31) as there are of Morse (32) and even more of Inspector Lewis (42).

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    Also, catching the new episode of Grantchester.

  • Grantchester, and rewatching Lewis and Doc Martin.

  • I finished up Peter Kay's Car Share this past week and it was fantastic! Don't think it's streaming here in the USA though.

  • Just finished the second season of Hidden on Acorn TV. Well done crime story set in Wales. Six episodes.

  • I'll probably watch another episode or two of "Shetland" (I tend to take things slow--I wasn't built to binge-watch), and then of course there's the PBS trifecta Sunday night: "Lucy Worsley's Royal Myths & Secrets," "Grantchester," and "Beecham House." Might even squeeze in an episode or two of "The Detectorists," which I just discovered on my brand-new Roku box.

  • "Shakespeare in Love" was on Encore the other night. It was great to see that classic again.

  • I’ve been rewatching Inspector Morse the past couple of weeks. In the last two I watched, season 8, episodes 3&4, I’ve seen an extremely young Neil Dudgeon who played DCI John Barnaby in Midsummer Murders; Malcolm Storry who played Clive Tishellin In Doc Martin; Richard Briers who played Hector Mac Donald in Monarch of the Green; and Phyllis Logan who plays Mrs. Hughes in Downton Abbey.


  • We recently watched the new Brave New World on Peacock. I think it's the best adaptation of this classic book that I've seen so far. However, it's very adult in nature - lots of nudity and sex. Some interesting new ideas that aren't in the book. 9 episodes in total - has Jessica Brown Findlay from Downton Abbey and she's great in it. Filmed in Britain so you see lots of British locations used in a futuristic context. Overall enjoyed it, but I did not like the final episode.

    Here's the trailer:

  • Tonight it will be Vera!

  • I watched the entire season one of “The Other One”last night. After the news being filled with politics, wild fires, violence towards others, COVID-19 and destructive weather the silliness was just what I needed. British comedy is the best.

  • Last night we watched our last episode of VEXED. So sorry we've blown through it. Hilarious.

  • English, Irish and Welsh rugby!

  • Almost every Saturday I watch Last of the Summer Wine, and I rotate my DVD collection. Currently rewatching DVDs of Doc Martin and Keeping Up Appearances. During the week, when I can watch TV, it's a mix of shows on Acorn TV, BritBox, All 4, BBC iPlayer, Channel 5, and ITV.

  • We've been working our way through all the Vera seasons since the pandemic started, so we'll be watching season 9 on Britbox tonight. We actually added Acorn to see some of the seasons, since Britbox doesn't have all of them. Loved the Vera books and Brenda Blethyn is amazing in the TV series. I'm sad that we're almost done with Vera! Then we'll have to move on to a different mystery. Thinking about trying Hidden or Shetland.

  • Belgravia Will there be a series 2?

  • Moving On and catching up on my soaps!

  • Been bingeing a bit of QI. And also Miss Fisher, which isn't British, but it is on Acorn.

  • Well, I finally got a subscription to britbox yesterday. So who knows!

  • https://forum.anglotopia.net/discussion/comment/212/#Comment_212
    Most likely not. It was based on a book and they told the whole story. Really it's up to Fellowes to write another one. I suspect it airing on the unknown channel Epix here in the USA killed any huge interest in the show.

  • Halfway through Strike - Lethal White. I will also watch The Adventures of Sir Lancelot and Saturday Kitchen.

  • Not to brag, but I originally watched it in Welsh as Craith on S4C.😃 The title means "Scar" rather than Hidden. Have you tried Keeping Faith/Un Bore Mercher with Eve Myles?

  • Have fun! When I first subscribed, I had so many possibilities, I had trouble deciding what to watch first. 😀

  • I've been watching, and am almost finished with "Village of the Year" on Acorn. It's 24 episodes and was filmed in 2017. It has been so much fun seeing so many beautiful villages throughout the British Isles.

  • Just found 5 episodes of "Wild Bill" on Amazon Prime! Rob Lowe stars as an American cop who transfers to a position in Boston, Lincolnshire.

    Interesting exploration of British vs. American cultural differences.

  • I had mixed feelings about Wild Bill, but unfortunately ITV decided not to go for a second series, so they won't get to iron the glitches out.

  • I can highly recommend 'Ted Lasso' on AppleTV+. It's about an American football coach who moves to London to coach a 'soccer' team. It's hilarious and does great at the UK/US differences. It's definitely a new favorite.

    We also watched 'The Duchess' this past weekend on Netflix. While Katherine Ryan isn't British, the show is set in London and it's hilarious if you like her style of humor (which is not everyone's cup of tea).

  • Loved the Dectectorists and have one episode left to watch...watch Penelope Keith’s search for the best village in Britain....like Julie Walters on train rides across the U.K......loved those two wild and crazy gentlemen ride their vintage car on vintage road trips (can’t remember the name!)...try to view new stuff on acorn tv. Watch all on PBS masterpiece, etc!

  • Aussie crime western Mystery Road 2 and the animated revival of Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep which had me behind the sofa when it was originally broadcast.

  • Hugh Laurie is currently rather excellent in politico-drama Roadkill by David (Kissing Hitler) Hare. Last week's episode seemed to take the title literally. This week it clashes with the final season of Un Bore Mercher. Somebody from Faith's past returns. Both set for record.

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