Favorite Place In Scotland

I've visited Scotland close to 30 years ago. I'm in the early, early stages of going back. Where is the best places to stay? To visit? I would like to do some tourist places BUT I prefer to go where the locals are to get the "REAL" feel of Scotland. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!


  • We have visited Scotland several times and we love Edinburgh and the area east along the Firth of Forth in and around North Berwick. My husband is a golfer and there are several great courses in that area, including Muirfield where the British Open is played. There are several small towns along a main road and any of them is worth exploring. There is excellent seafood in North Berwick. There's a hill near North Berwick called The Law and if you climb to the top of it, you get a huge panoramic view of the Firth of Forth and that surrounding area.

    Another really interesting small Scottish town is Falkland, on the north side of the Firth of Forth. It has narrow little streets and several little tea rooms. I believe it is one of the filming locations for Outlander, although I've not watched that series.

  • When we visited in 2018, we drove the length of Scotland. We LOVED Caithness and the Northern Highlands. We very much want to go back. Beautiful and stark up there.

  • Yes! This is absolutely on our list of drives to do in the future.

  • I want to go when we have enough time to not feel rushed and be able to spend time along the way.

  • Quallslvon, I agree about the attractiveness of what used to East Lothian. I lived in Haddington - a town first heard of around the 9th Century - and our favourite place in the summer was North Berwick. My best friend's dad was a lifetime member of Muirfield

  • I have not been to Scotland since 2013, but by far my favorite place is the Isle of Skye. My first time, we spent two nights in Portree and drove all over the northern half of Skye. The second time was a day trip where we explored the southern part with a quick run up to Portree and parts north. But, really, it is Scotland and therefore all amazing (in my opinion). Glen Coe is breathtaking. Edinburgh has a lot to see and do. One of my favorite towns is Pitlochry.

  • Visiting my “pen pal” from grade school in Inverness, we were taken on a few day trips off the beaten path. Went to the north on a lovely mountainous road to Ullapool which is a seaside town on the upper western side. Also traveled to the Black Isle very near Inverness to view a series of Clava stones and toured the Dunrobin Castle. We drove down the west and stayed in Oban, which was quite interesting. Originally, we flew into Edinburgh staying several days then took a train up to Inverness. It was literally and figuratively planes, trains and automobiles...but a great way to see Scotland!

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