Wales - Portmeirion

I visited Portmeirion back in 1991 and loved it. It's a quaint village all onto itself. I stayed on property and it was great. The food was pretty good from what I remembered. If you ever seen the TV The Prisoner it's the place where it was filmed. I would love to go back someday to see it and maybe stay there again.


  • Ooh, I visited in 2016! My friends and I spent a week in Wales, staying in the loveliest holiday let in Borth-y-gest, just down the road from Portmeirion. It rained almost every day (I didn't mind--Wales looked gorgeous, even in the wet!), but on one reasonably sunny day, we went to Portmeirion for the afternoon. I took so many pictures!

    These are just a couple of my favourites. I think that was the best day out, that whole trip. 😊

  • Wales is stunning. I so adore the northwest section of Wales and could just live there! Wales is, indeed, lovely whether dry or wet!

  • They also filmed Doctor Who: Masque of Mandragora and some of Cold Feet in Portmeirion. ITV ran a six-part documentary called The Village the other year. It was also home to King Zog while in exile.

  • My husband and I spent our honeymoon here in 1993! It is a beautiful place.

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