Favourite English Counties.

What’s your favourite English county and why?

I think we know that Jonathan’s favourite county is Dorset. Biased little old me has to go for Yorkshire (with Derbyshire a very close second). For me it’s the variety of landscapes that makes the place special, from high Heather moorland to rolling farmland and ancient market towns to landscapes of the pre and post Industrial Revolution such as the Derwent Valley Mills UNESCO World Heritage Site.


  • Yes, Dorset is my favorite. If I had to pick a second favorite county.... I'd say Wiltshire. I do love Wiltshire. And Gloucestershire.

  • Yes, the Cotswolds is hard to beat, although I’ve only visited once before but I love the honey coloured limestone buildings.

  • I'm partial myself to Hampshire, though Cornwall is definitely high on my list. Hampshire noses out Cornwall on associations: my favourite author was born there (Jane Austen, of course!), and I have friends there. But Cornwall wins on spectacular views!

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    My current favorite county is Cornwall, having just visited there in 2019. We visited Port Isaac, St. Michael's Mount, Padstow, several of the tin mines, walked several miles along the coastal trail and took in the spectacular views. We stayed in St. Agnes at the cutest little AirBB house. Walked around St. Agnes several times and had several excellent meals - possibly the best fish and chips we had in that area. The narrow streets were unbelievable but the local buses were not intimidated at all.

    But on other trips, we have always spent a few days in the Cotswolds - Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, etc., We also love Lincolnshire and the city centre at Lincoln. And we've visited Scotland several times over the years. My husband loves playing golf and has a couple of favorite courses up there. I love it when he takes his clubs as it always gives me a chance to explore on my own while he plays a round of golf.

  • We visited Scotland for the first time in 2018 and we fell in love with the far Northern Highlands. We can't wait to go back!

  • This is a really difficult question because each area has such a distinct beauty and feel. York has a special place in my heart because I have good friends who live there. Friends who have become family after meeting Stevie in 1996. He was gracious enough to invite me back anytime. Little did he know I would take him up on his offer and have been back to England almost every summer since. I always used York as a "base" and had my Britrail Flexipass and travel around during the summer months. I'm missing my Yorkshire family this summer.

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    We especially love the area east of Edinburgh near North Berwick along the Firth of Forth. There are several great golf courses, including Muirfield, but I also love all the little villages along the main road. When my husband plays golf, it gives me four hours to explore on my own getting all the shopping out of the way. In the little town of Gullane, there used to be a small antique store where I could spend an entire afternoon. We just love that area.

  • I'm biased, but have to say Yorkshire and Gloucestershire. Some beautiful scenery in both.

  • Cotswolds - Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.

    Wiltshire, I do love Salisbury and all around there.

    Kent - For castles, stately homes and gardens.

  • It's a shame no-one ever mentions the south-east, especially Sussex. It's not so much on the tourist map as other counties. We have a beautiful coast, beaches, gorgeous countryside including the South Downs National Park and the Ashdown Forest where Winnie the Pooh was written and set. You're missing out!. Having said that, I love Dorset too ;-).

  • I highly recommend reading The Natural World of Winnie-the-Pooh: A Walk Through the Forest that Inspired the Hundred Acre Wood by Kathryn Aalto. It's a beautiful exploration of the 'Pooh' Landscape!

  • I would have to say I'm in love with Tyne and Wear and then Yorksire, and Cumbria. Since that was all i seen of England other than Heathrow and Gatwick Airports around London.

  • Well I’m Yorkshire born and bred, so obviously my view is extremely one-eyed! When it isn’t, my favourite county would be Cumbria, having been totally smitten by the Lake District in my youth.

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