Favourite places in Yorkshire.

As a Yorkshire lad I’m interested to know the places in Yorkshire you’ve visited, especially if they’re smaller, more out of the way places (York is fantastic and very historic but what about the rest of the county?).

For example, would recognise these 4 places?


  • We've only briefly visited Yorkshire. We passed through in 2018 when we were drivings from Land's End to John O'Groats. We spent the night in York, visited the city centre, saw the Shambles, toured Yorkminster. We also stopped by Fountains Abbey and that was incredible. We loved our taste of Yorkshire and can't wait to go back properly and spend some time there.

  • Hi Jonathan. Yes, I enjoyed the vlogs about your journey very much. I hope you spend more time in the north of England when you come back. I’m sure you’ll be made very welcome.

    The pictures from top to bottom are of:



    Howarth (Bronte Country)

    Holmfirth (Last of the Summer Wine Country)

  • York is one of my favorite places. I have spent a lot of time in York and have friends who have become family there. I get a Flexi Britrail Pass and spend my time traveling from London to York to Edinburgh on the GNER. :)

  • I fell in love with York in 2017 and returned last year: Yorkshire and the Dales and surrounding areas were to be my main focus of travel and discovery this year! Have you any suggestions for out of the way places in particular? Very interested in walking tours too!

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    I have so many favourite places in Yorkshire! I was there in 2008 for a Girl Guide camp that was in the Dales. I loved York, but I also visited Haworth, Whitby, Wakefield, Whitgift, Goathland, Harewood House and the Five-Rise Locks.

  • I lived and worked in Leeds for 20 years... though it is hardly the prettiest place in Yorkshire!

  • Lovely pictures @Dana - thank you for sharing!

  • @jonathan Thank you! The white house is in Whitgift and is the house my family lived in in the 1800's before they emigrated to Canada. It was such an amazing experience to be able to see a house that my ancestors lived in.

  • There are some spectacular walking trails in Yorkshire. My personal favourite is the Dales Way which starts in Ilkley, near my home, and ends on the shores of Windermere in the Lake District. There’s the Nidderdale Way and the shorter Six Dales Trail, The Dales High Way, Lady Ann’s Way....the list is endless. Some are more well known than others. The two National Trails passing through Yorkshire are The Wolds Way (very quiet, rolling hills for the most part) and the daddy of them all, The Pennine Way. The section of the PW passing through limestone country from Gargrave to Hawes is tough but spectacular. Or you could order a Yorkshire Dales OS map and plan your own route using the myriad footpaths that criss cross the countryside.

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