• Ha I can't imagine drinking that much tea. Lately, I've had to cut back as if I drink more than two cups a day, I get cramps and don't feel so good! Too much caffeine!

  • My sister-in-law & I both once liked PG Tips -- then for some reason, neither of us did. I don't recall which she drinks now but I favor Yorkshire Red or Typhoo when I can find either. In winter, I try to keep a stash of teabags in my purse so I know I will enjoy a cup or 2 at a restaurant. Sometimes I order from Amazon but at least I can get it. Often World Market has both & I stock up while trying to avoid overindulging with packets of biscuits & chocolate. I went a bit nuts on one visit - couldn't pass up 1-2 boxes of 240 Typhoo teabags at practically give-away prices. They lasted well in the deep freeze. 😀

  • The occasional Lapsang Souchong or Earl Grey, no milk of course - but I much prefer coffee!

  • Barbara,

    Thank you for the Ebay tip, but the loose leaf King Cole tea there is soooo expensive, that we just can't justify spending that much. In the meantime, until the border reopens, we are enjoying both the Yorkshire and TyPhoo teas.

  • Yorkshire Tea for everyday, builders strength (sparing drop of milk, no sugar). Yorkshire Gold for when I want to push the boat out! At Betty’s if they have it, the ‘Special Tippy Assam’ is spectacular!

    I once managed to get hold of a small box of Yorkshire Red in the supermarket in Valdez, Alaska. Which was a pleasant surprise for a Yorkshireman a long way from home!

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